Small Batch Mezcals: Welcome to the Family!

We buy small batch mezcals from the families that make them. Why small batch? Because that’s how mezcal is traditionally made. Mezcal is the oldest spirit in the Americas. It is also the only spirit that can express terroir. More on that later. For over 400 years, families have distilled mezcals for their own use, for their friends and for others in their village.

Sustainability of Mezcal Part 4 - Vinazas

Of all the concerns in mezcal production sustainability--cultivated agave, agaves sylvestres (wildcrafted), firewood, and vinazas, the vinazas rank second in my opinion. Let me rephrase--if we count Tequila as a mezcal--vinazas are the #1 problem, but if we are talking about Mezcal (capital M--certified product, excluding Tequila), it's fortunately less of a problem.

Sustainability of Mezcal Part 2 - Agaves Sylvestres

Wildcrafted agave is probably the area of greatest concern when we talk about the sustainability of mezcal. Humanity has seen too many runs on natural resources for anyone except the most diehard libertarians to NOT believe in the tragedy of the commons.

Sustainability of Mezcal Part 1 - Introduction and Cultivated Agave

Mezcal is made from plants that take a long time to grow. These plants--agaves--are harvested--often from the wild--then roasted in an underground oven (horno) using collected firewood as the heat source. Finally, the distillation process produces often-unused cuts that don't get bottled and sold. These are known as vinazas.

How Mezcal is Made

Sembrar/crecer - plant and grow. The rumors of agave's demise are greatly exaggerated. What is sometimes in short supply is the blue Weber, the only agave from which tequila can be made. Mezcal (of which tequila is but one subtype) can be made from about 30 different agave species.

How The Tlacuache Stole Mezcal from the Demons

The traditional story, as told on the back label of our bottles goes as follows:

Demons dancing around the fire, enjoying mezcal and tobacco.

Chapter One Caption: During the times when man lived in darkness, the demons possessed the fiesta, the fire, the mezcal, and the tobacco.