The Marketplace is Eroding the Soul of Mezcal

For hundreds of years, family producers have made mezcal in small batches according to time-honored processes.

For hundreds of years, family producers have made mezcal in small batches according to time-honored processes. 

As demand for mezcal has increased over recent years, large producers are now taking over the industry and changing these traditions. Small producers have been forced out of business due to their inability to compete with the prices offered by larger companies. 

Cuentacuentos is here to ensure the economic well-being of these families and prevent these distillers from being driven out – keeping the storytelling tradition alive. 

The Mezcal Industry is Gripped by a Moral Crisis

When I say the word mezcal, what comes to your mind? 

It may conjure images of smokey, earthy flavors and cocktails made by mixologists at fashionable restaurants. 

If you’re a true mezcal lover, though, you might have a loftier opinion of this spirit: you may think of it as an artisanal product made in small batches by family producers, who have protected and passed down their tradecraft for generations.

The recent marketing of mezcal has created demand among tequila lovers, but these new consumers are also contributing to a trend that’s completely changing how mezcal is produced and marketed – and it could threaten the economic wellbeing of small producers.

The real issue is that all of this excitement about mezcal is leading to an inevitable commoditization of the spirit, which will ruin its quality and potentially threaten the economic livelihoods of small producers who have been making great mezcal for hundreds of years. 

In recent years, large companies have started popping up around mezcal. These businesses are backed by investors who want to capitalize on the rising popularity of the spirit – sacrificing almost everything it stands for.

Mezcal is More Than Just a Spirit

As demand for quality agave spirits increases, we see an opportunity to help these families grow their operations while also creating a market for outstanding mezcal around the globe. The best way to do this is by continuing to work with small producers that take pride in their spirit’s distinctive qualities.

How are we able to meet the demands of our growing customer base without compromising the quality of our products? How are we able to provide such an amazing experience while ensuring that the producers who make mezcal for us and their families can earn a living wage? And why is all this so important?

With Cuentacuentos, we’ve taken a different approach to the recent mass production of watered-down, compromised products: we provide small producers with the tools they need to grow their businesses and improve quality while staying true to the traditions of mezcal. 

We’re helping them produce high quality products without sacrificing their family business. We aren’t interested in taking over an industry, we’re interested in helping to support the families that have been making mezcal for generations.

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Cuentacuentos is about quality, tradition, heritage, and passion. 

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