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Superlative agave spirits from the most talented mezcal families.

2024 Agave Spirits Line

El Barro

The world’s first clay-finished mezcal priced for the well. Made for mixing, delicious neat.
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Los Maestros

Maestros Mezcaleros

Laurentino Santos Martínez

Maximiliano "Serafin" García Gerónimo

Ángel Cruz Robles

Cuentacuentos is not just a brand, it is a small business development platform that helps traditional mezcal families get their products to market. When you buy a bottle of Cuentacuentos you are supporting tradition, craft, and the families who practice them.

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How Mezcal is Made

How Mezcal is Made

Sembrar/crecer – plant and grow. The rumors of agave’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Just in Case You Missed Our Webinar

Just in Case You Missed Our Webinar

We recently held a webinar to spread the word about Mezcal’s rich heritage and meaningful tradition.

The Marketplace is Eroding the Soul of Mezcal

The Marketplace is Eroding the Soul of Mezcal

For hundreds of years, family producers have made mezcal in small batches according to time-honored processes.

Tso'ok Rum

A Tso’ok is an animal companion that accompanies a Mixe person from birth, through their life–a nahual or totem–that carries part of their soul.
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